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Areas of Practice & Estate Planning Basics


Planning for one's demise isn't something most people like to think about. But it's critically important for your family's security. A will lays out important information about your assets, and what you'd like to have happen to them if you pass away. You should consider not only your family's needs today, but future needs, as well. If you don't have a will, or your will is incorrect or incomplete, Florida's courts will handle dispersing your estate, which may take years in a process called probate.


One of life's toughest tasks is considering who will make medical decisions for you in case of incapacity, including deciding if and when to let you pass. Designating a healthcare surrogate and leaving detailed instructions of your wishes in a living helps mitigate some of the stress of life-and-death decisionmaking.


Even if you think you don't have "a lot of money," a trust can help protect your assets and property in case of death or incapacity. But there a wide variety of trusts, and it may be unclear which is best for your family's needs. Trusts can also provide for children with special needs, manage funds for loved ones, and plan for elders in your family.


Everyone has probably said at one point, "if something happened to me, I'd want so-and-so to take the kids and handle my affairs." It's important to formalize that relationship with a durable power of attorney, a document that designates an agent to handle your finances. You can specify limitations and specific powers in this document.


Whether from accident, disease, or age, finding yourself incapacitated and unable to make decisions can be not only frustrating, but also dangerous. A guardianship establishes a person to make decisions on your behalf, related to your health, property, and needs.


There are many online sources offering do-it-yourself, downloadable forms to prepare nearly all of these documents yourself. These may be more inexpensive upfront, but consider what incorrect, incomplete, or missing documents may cost in probate court later. We have developed turn-key packages and customizable solutions designed to fit nearly every family's budget, and we work to ensure your estate plan's documents work with each other.